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Foster care is temporary care provided by responsible, compassionate, and caring adult volunteers for RWAR cats and dogs until they can be adopted to quality homes.


Providing a good home environment with proper socialization, exercise, and loving care gives our foster animals a better chance of being placed more quickly.


We do not operate a shelter and so rely on our foster homes for the success of our adoption program. Being able to place dogs and cats in foster homes allows us to increase the number of animals we can rescue.


RWAR will provide food, litter, crates, bedding, toys and other items as needed for the animal while it is in your care at home. RWAR will provide necessary veterinary care for foster animals and provide continued support and guidance to the foster family.


You will be expected to keep the foster animal safe and secure, provide food, water, love, respect, exercise enrichment, socialization, basic obedience, and house training as needed to make the foster animal more adoptable and thus suited to the right home. You will return the foster animal to RWAR when requested to do so; not promise the animal to anyone or imply that you have the authority to approve a potential adoption.


RWAR retains ownership of all animals placed in foster care and will make all decisions regarding the adoption and placement of the animals fostered. The foster parent is responsible for transporting the foster animals to and from pet adoptions and vet appointments as required, unless other arrangements are made.


Foster services performed by an individual are voluntary and are without any express or implied promise of salary, compensation, or payment of any kind.

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