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Chicago slang means to put it on something or to be able to provide factual evidence that something is what you’re claiming it to be.  

-Urban Dictionary


Well, we are claiming it!

Support our cause and purchase something today! ALL proceeds will go straight to RWAR.


Big Cat with Bandana


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Like my momma said, "If you don't maintain, you replace." Ok, maybe she was talking about the plumbing and a/c unit at her house. But there is a lesson to be heard here, folks. If you don't maintain that look, it's MORE work to get back to what is was before. So stay on top of it. As they say, look good, feel good. Let's convey that to your clients....feel free to share the plumbing/a/c unit story if it gets the point across. Either way, these bad boys are a must. I know I always say, "oh I'll call and schedule when I'm due", and then, I would get in 2 weeks after I wanted....the life of a procrastinator I suppose. These signs make IT happen. I swear by experience of staring at them in the chair, I am ON more scary gray hairs and disappointment!!

Grab or purchase a CHALK MARKER here, any color will do. White stands out the best! I recommend Chalk Ink. Those puppies are pretty solid workers.

8" x 7" Printed on a glossy material that can be repositioned, erased, and used again, and again, and again.

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