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Complete your purchase, complete your sign, and complete your life with this VersaChalk white chalk marker that will work like a charm on your new mirror cling!

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY INK: The finest ink from Germany that dries in seconds. It doesn't easily smudge once it is dried but can easily be erased with a clean and damp cloth!
  • ERASE EASILY: Wipes away cleanly from non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth. CAUTION: Does not work with chalkboard paint. Not all surfaces are non-porous. Always test first!
  • EXTRA DURABLE REVERSIBLE TIPS: While other brands of markers have tips that fray easily, VersaChalk's high-density reversible marker tips are built for professional use. The REVERSIBLE TIP allows you to write in fine and bold lines - just flip the tip over to switch between bold and chisel tips!
  • NON-TOXIC, ODOR & DUST FREE: Odorless, washable ink.
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